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About Starlink Speed Test

Starlink Speed Test is an independent internet speed test platform designed specifically for Starlink satellite internet users. Created by a team of connectivity enthusiasts, our mission is providing Starlink consumers with an accurate speed test to optimize performance.

Our Story

Frustrated by the lack of reliability and speed issues with traditional rural internet options, we became early Starlink adopters. While satellite internet delivered better speeds, performance would fluctuate. Existing speed tests lacked metrics and insight specific to satellite ISPs.

So in 2022, we developed Starlink Speed Test – a specialized speed test tailored to satellite internet users. After months of engineering and testing, we launched with speed test servers optimized for Starlink connections. The site offers unique guidance based on speed results to improve dish placement, troubleshoot problems, and more.

Our platform draws on crowdsourced testing across the Starlink network to provide comparison data. As avid Starlink consumers ourselves, we are dedicated to helping the community maximize emerging satellite internet technology.

Our Mission

Our mission at Starlink Speed Test is to empower satellite internet consumers with the tools and transparency to take control of their connectivity. We aim to:

  • Provide accurate, unbiased Starlink speed test results
  • Help identify and troubleshoot speed issues
  • Analyze Starlink metrics like latency, jitter, and loss
  • Offer tailored tips to optimize satellite dish setup
  • Give transparency into real-world Starlink network performance

By specializing, our independent speed test can best help Starlink users improve speeds. We want to enable consumers to unlock the full potential of game-changing satellite internet access.

Meet Our Team

Starlink Speed Test was created by a small team of connectivity enthusiasts who believe high-speed internet should be accessible to all.

Smith Wills– Founder & Lead Developer

Smith leverages his long career as a software architect to lead website development and server-side engineering. He heads up product strategy and innovation.

Sarah Wu– Community Manager

Our community manager Sarah facilitates user feedback, creates content resources, and helps troubleshoot speed issues submitted by customers.

Ajay Patel– QA Testing Lead

With a meticulous eye for detail, Ajay heads up quality assurance by thoroughly vetting new features and website updates before public release.

Our reliable team has a passion for advancing rural broadband access through new satellite internet innovations. We welcome feedback on how Starlink Speed Test can better help users gain more consistent connectivity. Just email any questions to: [email protected]

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