FAQs about Starlink Speed Test


What is the Starlink speed test for?

Our Starlink speed test measures download speeds, upload speeds, latency, jitter, and packet loss for your Starlink satellite internet connection. The results help identify problems or optimize performance.

Why test Starlink speeds?

Testing provides metrics to troubleshoot issues, reveals peak performance capabilities, assists locating dish obstacles, and aids conversations with support if needed. It also lets consumers verify plan speeds.

How do I perform the Starlink speed test?

Visit our Starlink speed test page on a device connected to your Starlink WiFi or ethernet. Click the Begin Test button and let the test run for at least 30 seconds until results display. No account or apps required!

Where does the test run from?

Our global server network pings the nearest regional testing server to your Starlink connection for the most accurate localized speed measurements.

How often should I test speed?

Run a test when experiencing lag or buffering to quantify issues. Also test monthly to check consistency and after changes like dish adjustments, router upgrades, or installing obstructions possibly blocking signal.

What results indicate good performance?

Speeds over 100 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up signal good conditions. Latency under 50 milliseconds and limited jitter with no packet loss are optimal metrics.

What troubleshooting does the test enable?

Slow speeds identify dish obstacles, congestion, hardware issues, or network problems. High latency or jitter can confirm satellite handoff lag. Packet loss points to connection instability.

Can I compare my speed test results?

Yes, your results display alongside average Starlink speeds globally and for your region. Compare connection quality and reference target speed ranges for your plan.

How does weather impact Starlink speeds?

Heavy rain or snow can degrade Starlink signals and reduce speeds somewhat. Long storms cause more disruption to satellite reception than quick moving systems.

Will Starlink speed test work for any ISP?

No, we designed testing specifically optimized for Starlink satellite metrics versus broader internet providers. For general speed tests, use a provider like Speedtest.net.

Run a test now to see your Starlink connection’s real-world performance!

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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