Starlink Packages Comparison


Starlink offers satellite internet across continents bridging digital divides where cable and fiber cannot reach. Their equipment, speeds and pricing evolved with capabilities and demand over three years since launching service. We compare Starlink packages availabile for purchase to navigate best options as 2023 begins.

Starlink Hardware Packages


The essential Starlink Kit provides the necessary components for connecting including:

– Satellite dish antenna
– Router for WiFi Device Access
– Power supply, stands and cables

Consumers must purchase hardware plus a subscription bundled starting at $599 equipment cost plus $110 monthly fees. Business plans split costs further.

Optional accessories like mounting poles ($25), ethernet adapters ($30) and more robust routers ($135+) are available separately forthcoming.

Internet Speed Offerings


Starlink began offering a single residential tier with 50-200 Mbps downloads and 10-20 Mbps uploads theoretically. They now provide three main speed packages:

1) Basic – 50-100 Mbps down / 10-20 Mbps up
2) Core – 100-200+ Mbps down / 10-20+ Mbps up
3) Premium – 200-500+ Mbps down / 20-40+ Mbps up*

An enterprise tier dubbed Starlink Premium Business aims for 100-500 Mbps downloads and 20-40 Mbps uploads.

Top speeds depend on dish locations avoiding obstructions with network capacity in each area playing a role congestion arises. Latency ranges between 20-60ms typically.

*Premium residential tier waitlisted as satellite launches continue through 2023.

Service Plan Pricing


Current Starlink internet service pricing as of February 2023 includes:

– Basic Service Plan: $110/month
– Core Service Plan: $135/month
– Premium Plan – TBA Pricing*
– Business Plan: $500/month
– Service Pauses or Cancellation: Anytime

Taxes apply bringing monthly costs around $115-$140 depending on region. Plans do NOT require term contracts. Consumers simply pay monthly service charges avoiding early termination fees common with old satellite or rural providers.

*Residential Premium pricing unlisted until expanded capacity unlocks higher speed tier more broadly.


Starlink evolved early hardware and service packages dramatically already as engineers expand satellite capacity and coverage. Their equipment, speed and pricing options continue maturing balancing incredible demand with rural network realities on the frontier edges of broadband.

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